Integration Works

In its recent Integration Works document, the Department of Education (DE, 2017) notes that integrated education has an important role to play in the process of building a transformed and more shared society.  By providing children and young people from different community backgrounds with the opportunity to learn together, side by side every day, we believe that integrated education can have a positive impact not only on our children and young people but also on schools as well as on local communities and our society moving forward.

Approximately 7% of our children and young people are educated in integrated schools at primary and post-primary level. We would like to see the number of pupils benefitting from integrated education to grow substantially over the coming years and the Integrate My School campaign was launched in early 2017 to help us achieve that. Non-integrated schools can become integrated through a process called ‘Transformation’. There are currently 65 integrated schools in Northern Ireland, and 25 of these have transformed to become integrated schools.

Check out more information below on how 'Integration Works’ for society and for our school communities. You can also find stories below of schools that have already gone through the transformation process and become integrated as well as relevant publications and resources.