What Is Integrated Education ?

What Is Integrated Education?

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Integrated schools bring together pupils, staff and governors from Catholic, Protestant and other backgrounds in each school in a high-quality learning environment.

The schools strive to achieve a balanced intake and acknowledge and respect the cultural diversity they represent.

Research has shown that a majority of parents want their school to become integrated . And the good news is that nearly every school can do this because transformation to integrated status is supported by the Department of Education and government policy in Northern Ireland.

Integrated schools educate children in an environment where educational excellence, self-esteem and independence are developed as priorities. Self-respect and respect for others are strongly encouraged. The integrated ethos is nurtured to ensure inclusion of people from different religions, cultures, genders, abilities and socio-economic backgrounds.

Integrated education encourages open-minded attitudes among pupils as well as building the confidence and ability to question, observe, listen and make informed decisions.

Integrated education recognises the value of parents and so parental involvement in all aspects of school life is actively encouraged. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in the governance of the school and the Parents' Council.

There are currently 65 integrated schools, 40 that opened as integrated schools, and 25 that changed their status to integrated through the process of transformation.

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