Becoming an integrated school

Transformation is the name given to the legal process when a school changes to become an integrated school. Any school is able to transform to become an integrated school, with the exception of special schools and schools established in hospitals. This can include Nursery Schools, Primary Schools and Post Primary Schools of all management types.  Sometimes a school starts this process, and at other times it can be led by parents.

How does the process start?

Transformation can be started in one of two ways;

  1. A school’s Board of Governors can decide it would like to consider transformation and consults with parents, or

  2. A written request to change to an integrated school is submitted to your school’s Board of Governors by parents of at least 20% of the school's pupils.

Parents can register this request here

What happens next?

Once either of these takes place, a parental ballot will be held. The parental ballot is the opportunity for parents to vote on whether they want the school to transform to an integrated school. The ballot is a postal ballot, organised by an independent organisation known as CIVICA formerly the Electoral Reform Service (ERS), and all responses will remain confidential. Every adult registered as a parent or legal guardian of a child at the school will get a vote.

Parents choose integration

Out of the 65 Integrated Schools in Northern Ireland 25 have transformed to integrated status.

You can read some of their stories here.